Love I Care I Safety

Our childcare services at Mikasa Family Childcare, are well known for the loving and caring ways we tend to the children and for the early teaching methods applied.

The Mikasa Learning System

Our In-Premises early childhood education program provides the Mi Kasa children learning system the comfort and safety required and is brought to life by our trained and experienced caregivers and teachers.

More than Just

At Mikasa our caregivers and teachers will be providing more than just babysitting services, we will be taking the first steps toward the child’s education. We promote children’s engagement in order to decrease challenging behavior.

Sterilized Clean, Healthy and Safe

We will make sure that we’re doing absolutely the best that we can for your young children.  We observe and assess children’s behavior to individualize the program accordingly.


Compliant of state regulations in order to make sure children are safe in whatever type of situation that arises and to make sure that they are cared for by well trained caregivers who are suitable to do so.


Support responsive caregiving, foster independence and feelings of competence in young children.  We encourage staff efficiency to facilitate appropriate social interactions among children and parents and provide structure and predictability.